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Mirage of Blaze Icons [entries|friends|calendar]
Mirage of Blaze Icons

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105 Icons [11:41am January 22nd, 2010]

105 Mirage of Blaze

here @ rashuko

134 Icons [ 18 Mirage ] [1:56pm January 11th, 2010]

1 Afrika
1 Bakemonogatari
2 Bleach
1 Card Captor Sakura
1 Code Geass
11 D.Gray-man
1 Fairy Tail
3 Gundam Seed
3 Harry Potter
3 Honey & Clover
1 Howl's Moving Castle
27 Inuyasha
1 K-ON
1 Kimi ni Todoke
2 Kingdom Hearts
2 Kobato
5 Kyou Kara Maou
18 La Corda d'Oro
1 Loveless
1 Magic Knight Rayearth
18 Mirage of Blaze
4 Queen
1 RG Veda
1 Rurouni Kenshin
7 Sailor Moon
2 Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
7 Vampire Knight
2 X/1999
4 xxxHOLiC
2 Community Icons

Here @ rashuko

49 Icons [ 14 Mirage ] [2:21pm November 4th, 2008]

3 Brokeback Mountain
1 From Far Away (Kanata Kara)
3 Honey & Clover
10 Inuyasha
2 Kyou Kara Maou
5 La Corda d'Oro
14 Mirage of Blaze (Honoo no Mirage)
2 Sailor Moon
1 Shuga Chara
2 Tales of Abyss
1 Tales of Vesperia
3 Vampire Knight
2 xxxHOLIC

HERE @ rashuko

44 Icons [ 6 MoB ] [9:25am November 13th, 2007]

[ mood | sad ]

6 D.Gray-man
16 Inuyasha
8 La Corda d'Oro
6 Mirage of Blaze
1 Ouran High School Host Club
4 Pretear
3 Rurouni Kenshin

( follow the link )


40 Icons [ 8 MoB ] [7:19pm July 25th, 2007]

[ mood | sick ]

3 Cardcaptors
2 D.Gray-man
1 Fullmetal Alchemist
1 Fushigi Yuugi
8 Inuyasha
5 La Corda d'Oro
8 Mirage of Blaze
7 Pretear
1 RG Veda
1 Spiral
3 Yami no Matsuei

( all over here )

20 Icons [10 MoB] [11:30pm April 8th, 2007]

[ mood | contemplative ]

1 Easter

2 From Far Away (Kanata Kara)
5 Inuyasha
1 La Corda d'Oro
2 Loveless
10 Mirage of Blaze (Honoo no Mirage)

( Over here )


10 Icons [8:29pm February 13th, 2007]

[ mood | contemplative ]

1 Valentines

4 D.Gray-man
1 Fruits Basket
9 Inuyasha
10 Mirage of Blaze
1 Yami no Matsuei

( Over here )


16 Icons [8:31pm February 1st, 2007]

[ mood | determined ]

4 D.Gray-man
1 Fruits Basket (Furuba)
11 Inuyasha
16 Mirage of Blaze (Honoo no Mirage)
3 Pretear
1 Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei)
1 Yu Yu Hakusho

( Over here )


[5:46pm April 17th, 2006]

Fifty-Eight Icons! O.o Most are some that I have used/shown before but never really "promoted" for usage. Now's a good time as any, ne? Some are variations of other icons I have made. And others are old, possibly a year old that I never said anything about. ^^;

Again, feel free to take them so long as you comment and credit me either at lucifer_hisaki or mercy_slays.

The first icons are part of my iconfiend100 Prince of Tennis claim which can be found here

List of Icon Origins:
Prince of Tennis
Fullmetal Alchemist
Mirage of Blaze
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy VII
Suits wo Nuida ato
Devil May Cry

1. 2. 3.

Sources: Find them here!

58 Icons!

hello...? [1:39am March 12th, 2006]

Yeah, so no new icons for a while, ne? Luckily, I happen to have on me seven Mirage of Blaze icons.


[Yeah, that's a multi-fandom post, and yeah, I've cross-posted everywhere. If you have to see this more than once, I'm very sorry; just scroll by real fast.]

[9:37pm January 29th, 2006]

Just five Mirage icons this time- I'll try to make more faster! Four of them are a matching set.

[3] MaiHime
[9] MaiOtome
[8] Weiss Kreuz
[5] Mirage of Blaze


The rest are here. Cross-posted to a bunch of places, including mirageofblaze, because I'm into shameless self-pimpage.

Mirage of Blaze Icons: 6 [6:33am December 22nd, 2005]

Hello all *waves*

These are very simple icons, so please forgive me if they are not what you expect. Fake cut to my journal that also has Kyou Kara Maou, Viewfinder, and Fullmetal Alchemist icons:

(Six lonely, well-behaved Mirage of Blaze icons looking for new owners...)

Warning: Yaoi heavy content ahead.


iconsss... [10:39pm December 19th, 2005]

hokay, so i'm aware that pretty much all of you are from mirageofblaze, in which case...you've already seen most of these... buuut, the whole non-entries thing bugs me (more than it should) thus: iconsCollapse )

Yadda, yadda, yadda... [9:45pm December 19th, 2005]

[ mood | crazy ]

Welcome to mob_icons! Yes, I am aware that the name is stupid and sounds vaguely mafia-ish, but mirage_icons was already taken, and I thought blaze_icons sounded kind of lame, and then mirageofblaze_icons was just too long, sooo... Well, at least there is a Mirage of Blaze icon community now. You should all be thankful. XP

At any rate, the rules and obligatory introduction spiel are both located on the user info if you're curious, so I'm not going to repeat myself. Well, except for the pimp this community like crazy bit: you should all pimp this community like crazy. Why? Well, if "because I said so" and "yo momma" aren't quite enough, a good reason would be the logic that, the more members there are, the more icons you get. Well, I think it's a good reason.

But there you have it. I'll probably be posting a backwash of Mirage of Blaze iconness I have handy in just a few minutes, if only so that this place doesn't look so pathetically lonely. *pats community* Poor thing...

So, post away!

EDIT: Aaaand, since I don't want to make a separate post just dealing with affiliates, I'll try to cover all that good stuff hereCollapse )

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