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Mirage of Blaze Icons

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Well, there wasn't a Mirage of Blaze icon community, so, on impulse, I created one. Thus...you have this. If you've been a member of an icon community before, then you should know the deal by now, if not, well, it's pretty simple: you post LiveJounral icons for the use of the general public. See? Easy.

Also, if anyone ever joins this thing, I do plan on having monthly contests or something, since I really do enjoy icontests. (I'm an addict; so sue me.) At any rate, feel free to pimp this thing like a madman. The more members, the more icons, and more icons = good. One can never have too many.


::Allowed postings: icons, friends-only banners, layouts, colorbars and other graphics, provided they are all Mirage of Blaze related.

::Please limit teasers to three icons or less, placing the rest behind an lj-cut.

::It is fine to post icons of other fandoms, or to link to a personal journal in which you have posted icons of other fandoms, but please keep in mind that if you do so, you need to have at least 5 Mirage of Blaze icons in that post. No linking to an icon journal post with 50 Harry Potter icons and just one measley Mirage of Blaze one. That's just not cool, people. How long would it take you to make a separate post for that one icon?

::Requests are currently allowed, so long as you're nice about it. No demanding icons, people; that's just rude.

::Any requests outside of icons (i.e. where to find screenshots, etc.) are also allowed, so long as they 1)have something to do with Mirage of Blaze and 2)do not ask how to make icons or create particular effects. For those kind of requests, please see icon_tutorial or icon_help.

::BE NICE. No bashing other users or their icons. I see you being mean, and I'll be mean in return. I'm a power-hungry individual, so don't think I won't hesitate to ban your ass.


::mirageofblaze: the Mirage of Blaze LJ community
::tanllwyth: various LJ layouts, including Mirage of Blaze
::rashuko: rashiea's graphics journal, full of Mirage of Blaze goodness

::If you'd like to affiliate with mob_icons, please comment on this post.

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